In 1987, our kennel was registered under the name:


After breeding Dogo Argentinos for a couple of years, we decided to
switch breeds towards the end of 1991,
The Dogo Argentinos we had at the time all stayed with us and
they all attained a ripe old age.

The last of them
Aguila Diosa del Cazadora Blanca passed away
at the age of almost fifteen on 22 July 2004.

Our first Shiba, the female Fukaya as Aras an Uachtarain came
into our lives on 6 March 1993, producing her first litter on 13 November 1995.

Since then, several imported Shibas and a couple of pups
we kept have joined the pack.

Today, the pack includes 18 Shibas (6 males and 12 females)
 1 Boerboel female and 1 Do-Khyi male.
They are all extremely well socialized and live with us in the house.
We do not keep them in cages.


Pups are born in our living room and reared among mature dogs.



We only breed with parents that are tested  for
Hip dysplasia, luxating patellae and eye defects.

From time to time, we breed a litter of Shibas in the colours
red, sesame and black & tan.

For an introduction to our Shibas, please click on "Our boys" and "Our girls".
Every Shiba  has its own page.

On "Onze Boerboel" and "Onze Do-Khyi" our other dogs.
By clicking on the photo you can see the pedigree, DNA profile, health results
and more pictures.

To see our plans for new litters, please click on "Puppy planning".

The many photographs on the page "Current litter" also

show our litter's development during its first eight weeks.

On "Shiba Reunie 2003", "2007", "2010" en "2012"
you can see many pictures of our Shiba reunions.
No fewer than 80 Shiba representatives were present during  the 
anniversary reunion of 2007.

And to honor our show champions,
they  have a seperate page: "Kampioenenparade",
although for us all our dogs are special champions.

Also our oldies and the dogs that passed away we still want
to honor and remember on
"Onze oudjes" and "In memoriam"


On our Facebook page you can read the latest news and events,
several times a week there are new photos and new events.

Certainly worth a visit!


Fore more information, feel free to contact us.
We hope you will enjoy our website!



If you still need more information, you can always 
contact us by telephone or send us an email.

We wish you much fun with our dogs.

Ben, Ilone and Wesley Kooijmans
Oud-Cromstrijensedijk WZ 75
3286 BS Klaaswaal
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-(0)622451747

Email: shibaatje@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shibaatje